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Tickets for events can be purchased from the following outlets:


  • The Candy Store (Tommy Tango's), Whifflet Street, Coatbridge.

  • The Columba Club, 8 John Street, Coatbridge (for events being staged at the club)

Online tickets

Tickets for the events below can be purchased in advance online through our ticket sales partner, Click the links below and you'll be taken through to their website where you can buy your tickets safely and securely. 

“THE B FLAT MINERS” Life’s the Pits and 
Irish comedy

5th March   7:30pm

Annual Irish Quiz  

6th March   7:30pm

Annual Festival Lecture

8th March   7:30pm

Father Ted Night

13th March   7:30pm


14th March   7:00pm

Ireland: Recalling the past, living in the present, planning for the future [read more...]

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